One Lovely Blog Award


A heartfelt thank you to Vasudha of Traveldefined for the One Lovely Blog Award nomination. I am a newbie in this blogging world and I am so overwhelmed that a fellow blogger recognized me. ❤ I strongly urge everyone to visit her blog, and dig in to the spontaneity of her travel adventures. 🙂

The conditions for the award are:

1. Thank the blogger who gives it and link back to the blog.
2. Tell the person who nominated you, 7 things about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 bloggers and let them know about the award.

7 facts:
1. I love Christmas. Best-loved season of the year. Seems everyone is in good spirit.
2. I’m scared of iguanas.
3. Lemonade fan.
4. I’m a tea drinker. Totally adore peppermint.
5. I can watch LOTR trilogy over and over and over again.
6. My favorite patterns are stripes and polka dots.
7. I will forever be amazed in fireworks.

Nominees in no order:
1. Corners of the World
2. My Favourite Past time
3. A life moment
4. Indahs: travel story and photography
5. The Urge to Wander
6. Bucket list Publications
7. Why is a raven like a writing desk
8. Travelling the World Solo
9. Outlook in Life
10. Slices of Life through Lens
11. Cooking with a Wallflower
12. Travel the Unknown
13. Small Town Girls Midnight Trains
14. La Vie C’est Bella
15. Aminelle Nali – Splendiferous Doses of Happiness

Thank you! ❤