A Letter for the Man I Love

IMG_5930_final 28 moonlit nights ago, sitting beside you over the infinite stretch of gray sand and hearing the passionate waves in La Union, I made a promise.

To myself and to you.

And that was the beginning of our romance and lifetime of togetherness is already brewing right there and then. Time is flying by so fast and day by day I got to taste the best feeling in the entire universe. Magnificent laughter, copious amount of fights, high on life and chasing dreams. A perfect balance and I am not complaining. It’s all I ever need and I am grateful for every single moment of my stay here on earth. Future for us seems more than bright, it is golden. And I couldn’t be happier. I found a gem in our relationship.

The day that you came into my life is also the day that I realized that there’s no such thing as alone. And the beauty of finding someone I can’t possibly imagined has finally arrived. The love and magic that’s rushing through my veins all the way to my fingertips when I’m with you is strange, enigmatic and indescribable and I am thanking God and you for drenching me with this feeling of joy and euphoria.

1354 kilometers.
Blanket of stars.
Glorious sunsets.
Deep blue seas.
Millions of human race and beautiful dawn.

That’s the distance between us.
But, I don’t feel it.

Because you, my bunch of happiness is here, right where I etched you at the very core of my heart and every cell of my skin. And no matter where I am or who I’ve become, I know that I am whole. I know that I am home.

To the man who has made me feel connected to another human being more than anyone else, Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m looking forward to celebrate hundreds of Valentine’s days with you, still forever in love.

I love you.

Yours forever,
The woman you prayed for