Cebu Calling: Top 10 Things to do

More than the pristine beaches and the famed Sinulog festival, this thriving city has a pile of what to do list you shouldn’t miss.



1. Get your photo taken at Magellan’s Cross.
DSC04579As old as the Philippines’ Spanish colonization, the cross buried by explorer Ferdinand Magellan has emerged into the top must-see attraction in Cebu. A sign below states that the original cross is hidden inside the towering cross for protection from those opportunists. It has become every Cebuano’s pride and a relic of the beginning of Christianity in the country.

magellans cross


2. Have a taste of authentic Cebu Lechon.

Dubbed as the Lechon Capital of the World, Cebu’s roasted pig has won million hearts all over the world and flattered many taste buds. With its crispy skin, less fat and juicy meat bursting with flavor, a cup of rice wouldn’t be enough.  All the more, it’s pretty cheap too. No reason for not to take home a box of these prized meat for pasalubong. A wide array of restaurants  that serves this local dish is available within the city. One of the most talk-about choice is CnT Lechon, in which I have tried for myself. The price of lechon ranges between Php2,800 to Php4,500 depending on the size of your whole roasted pig but you can order it per kilo at any day of the week for only Php320.

CnT Lechon is located at 1377 V Rama Ave Cebu City, Cebu.



3. Pray hard in Sto. Nino Basilica and Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.
sto nino basilica

Christened as the oldest Catholic church in the Philippines, Sto. Nino Basilica mightily stands throughout the years and test of time. It was preserved well by the Cebuanos, seeing the beautiful frescoes in the ceiling and impressive altar.



sto nino


The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, on the other hand was famous for its trefoil-shaped white facade and great architecture.


cebu cathedral


4. Eat Ginabot.

For Cebuanos, they call it Ginabot.  In Tagalog, it’s Chicharong Bulaklak.  These famed street food is made up of pig intestines seasoned with salt and pepper, and then deep-fried. It goes well with vinegar mixed with lots of onions and chili and best eaten with Puso (hanging rice), a boiled rice wrapped in woven coconut leaves. The experience wouldn’t be complete if you’ll not eat it in their pungko-pungko (small place where people dine with rectangular table and low benches). We tried it for breakfast and  I say that it’s really intense. Ginabot costs Php 12 per piece and Puso Php 3 per piece.




5.  Walk up in the air in Skywalk.
pic 001-1

Situated in the 37th floor in the tallest hotel tower in the Philippines, Sky Walk Extreme lets you experience a terrifying adventure by walking in a translucent glass at the main outer rim of the building with only an overhead harness as protection. Count each step and sip into the spectacular view of the city below. And don’t forget to pose for the camera! 😉



6. Get high in the Edge Coaster.

Take a deep breath and get ready to conquer your fear of heights. Edge coaster is a two-seat platform with a control lever that can tilt the platform down, up to 55 degrees and takes you around the edge of the hotel building. Feel the thrill and appreciate the city’s landscape with this one-of-a-kind ride in the Philippines.





7. Experience rich history in Fort San Pedro.

Built as a defense structure from the Muslim Raiders during the 17th century, Fort San Pedro in the past housed living quarters for lieutenants and personnel manning the entire fort. Old canyons, walls made of stones, and mementos were also seen in the area.







8. Try your luck in Casino Filipino.

Located in one of Cebu’s premiere hotels, Casino Filipino offers slot machines and traditional bingo games for all those regular and first time players.




9.  Go food tripping.
Have you heard of mooon cafe? Do you know what a ngohiong tastes like? From sweet pastel color desserts to bizarre but delicious dishes, Cebu harbors quaint and dainty cafes and restos in every corner of the street. Satisfy your appetite and relish every unique flavor that this province has to offer.







10. Swim with the whale sharks.

Anchored in the modest town of Oslob, whale shark watching has become a popular attraction both for locals and foreigners. An encounter with these gentle giants of the sea shouldn’t be missed when you visit Cebu.  A rare kind of experience for adventure seekers and photography enthusiasts out there. For tips and travel guide, you can browse my previous post about swimming with whale sharks here.



Note: Photos without watermark c/o Julius Marzan


12 thoughts on “Cebu Calling: Top 10 Things to do

  1. Kate says:

    Hello! We are compiling the best of food & drink recommendations around the world and would like your permission to feature a trimmed part of your post in our site, more specifically about the Lechon you talked about. I will add in your blog post link to the feature. Hope to hear from you soon!

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    • karen humilde says:

      Hi Kate! That’s great! Of course you can feature my post to your site. Glad you like it. Hope you can check my other posts about food as well. Just let me know when this will be posted. Thanks! 🙂


    • karen humilde says:

      Hello memory catcher! 🙂 Wow! that’s great! Hope you can visit Cebu and other places in the Philippines soon. I would love to come back as well since there’s still so much to see 😉


  2. Indah Susanti says:

    Hi Karen, hope all is well with you and you and family, friends are safe. I heard about the typhoon in the Philippines…I will go to Cebu in December so, your post is certainly an inspiration for my second visit! 😉


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