Resto Review: Pino Resto Bar

Creative twists that gives Filipino dishes a new face.


Maginhawa Street in Quezon City has been a long-time haven for food enthusiasts who wants to experience Culture, Music and definitely, Food!  The long stretch of this street has a cornucopia of restaurants blessed with different mood.

With my high school buddies, we tried Pino, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that boasts unique excellent dishes and laid back vibe.

Here are some of their best sellers:

Crispy Shrimps with Salted Egg (Php 225.00)
Fresh shrimps fried in a light batter with salted egg and sweet chili vinegar.

This crunchy appetizer creates a perfect contrast between the tangy taste of sweet chili vinegar and saltiness of the egg. Retaining the shell of the shrimps is a smart way to add crispness of this dish. An ideal starter for every meal.

Tofu Balls (Php 165)
Mashed tofu stuffed with cheese and spices, rolled into balls and served with nori wansoy calamansi dressing and honey mustard mayo

I mentioned in my Salu Salo post that I’m a tofu lover so I really couldn’t miss this dish. Unlike the usual bite-sized fried tofu, this was curled up in a ball.  The familiar taste of honey mustard and the strange nori dressing gives this dish a distinct taste. And as if not enough, just like a candy, it contains a surprise center, in a form of delectable cheese and some spices.

Seafood Gambas Aligue (Php 195)
Sauteed shrimps and squid in crab fat sauce with linguine noodles, topped with parmesan cheese and spring onions. Served with garlic toast.

An effortless pasta perfect to satisfy any seafood cravings. A refreshing new flavor instead of the usual Seafood Marinara and Sizzling Gambas. This dish is exceptional.

Chicken Inasal Caesar Salad (Php 175)
Mixed lettuce greens served with grilled chicken inasal and fish sauce-calamansi Caesar dressing.
Caesar Salad will always be classic. It’s the kind of salad that you usually order when you want to be safe. But for this recipe, they did it with a twist. Instead of the usual bacon and croutons, they switch it with chicken inasal and cherry tomatoes. A combination which is rare but undoubtedly delicious. It’s almost perfect for me except for the dressing that is too strong for the delicate ingredients.

Coffee Crusted Beef Belly (Php 265)
U.S. Beef Belly with coffee spice rub, served with marble potatoes, bistek gravy, and red wine onion marmalade.

It sounds so aristocratic, but yes, the taste has lived up to its name. The beef belly is very tender. I barely tasted the coffee spice but there is sure a party in my mouth. It was all wrapped up with its perfect match, those scrumptious marble potatoes. 🙂

Kalderetang Lengua (Single Php 245 Family Php 425)
Stewed beef tongue, served with java rice.
This one, I don’t have some really nice thing to say. I mean I like lengua and I will always love kaldereta but they just cooked it differently.  It is more of a menudo than a kaldereta. The java rice is better than the dish itself.

Kare-Kareng Bagnet (Php 575)
Authentic Ilokano crispy pork belly served with annatto-peanut sauce.IMG_4330
Kare Kare in any way, will always be a favorite. Bagnet on the other hand, will always have a part in my palate. The skin was fried into perfection. It is so crispy that I can hear every cracking sound. Peanut sauce has a rich consistency and veggies were not overcooked as it should be. Presentation is a big plus, too. I totally love this dish, a must-try! ❤

Just beside Pino, is its vegetarian counterpart, Pipino, you may opt to choose dining here if you wish to eat healthier.

In a nutshell, though the prices is too expensive for some of the dishes, I still urge those foodie out there to try this resto. Be it family or friends that you want to tag along, I am more than certain that there will be something in the menu that you will love. ❤

Pino Resto Bar is located in 39 Malingap St Teacher Village – East, Quezon City.

(Note: Topmost photo courtesy of Che Berja)


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