Savor Hong Kong: Disneyland

Step into a whole new world and feel the magic in the happiest place on earth.

sleeping beauty castle

After visiting The Peak and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in the morning, we hit the road to the MTR Disneyland Resort line and embarked again to the Disney Monorail that we’ll take us to the famed Disneyland Resort.



It’s a Saturday and I am certain that flock of people will come here today. Like us, they also want to experience the magic that this theme park can bring for everyone who visits.

hk disneyland

hk disneyland


We stroll around, ate mickey mouse pancakes and have our photo taken in every quaint stores in the Main Street U.S.A..

mickey mouse pancakes

birthday girl

the birthday girl with her birthday balloons ๐Ÿ™‚

chip n' dale

look! there’s chip ‘n’ dale ๐Ÿ™‚

We then boarded a train that will travel around the whole park. That way, we can see in a bird’s-eye view, which attraction we’ll go first.



When we disembarked the train, we are more than ready to be entertained and experience the enchanted realms of adventure and fantasy.

Immerse yourself and your family to a fun, entertaining jungle adventure as you venture into the middle of a forest full of surprises.

adventure land

The Jungle River Cruise is an entertaining jungle boat ride perfect for kids and adults. Get ready to get wet, scream and relish the exotic land of beasts and indigenous tribe.


Our guide’s name is Kitty and she is a very talented young lady. She act her memorized script very well and she was trained to speak English fluently. We totally enjoyed the river adventure because of her. ๐Ÿ™‚

adventure land


“Mad” pirates roamed around the area and when we asked if my sister can have a photo with him, this is the result:


Inspired by the funny, heart-warming animated movie, Toy Story, Disneyland creates a setting wherein Andy’s toys were a hundred times enormous and rooted in a gigantic backyard.

toy story land

This attraction is the newest addition to the Disneyland family. If you have watched the movie, “Honey, I shrunk the kids” maybe you’ll understand what I’m trying to say. Visitors could have somehow felt that they have been shrunk.

toy story land

As mentioned in my Ocean Park post, my mom can’t ride mind-boggling rides. So, my brave sisters, Abs and Joy were the ones who tried the RC Race, a U -shaped roller coaster ride which stands up to 27 meter-high and moves at full speed. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

toy story land

To neutralize the thrill that my sisters have just experienced, we rode the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, a high-flying ride wherein it will take you in a soaring state and then drops you in a flash. It went like that for three minutes. My heart almost leapt out and my legs were wiggling as we found our way to the exit.

toy story land

We were able to observe as well the Toy Soldier’s training as they gleefully invite kids to join them in their drill.ย  We also saw Cubot, a living spinning block toy with multiple faces and voices.ย Turn the blocks playfully as you mix and match different characters and it will answer for you.

Before stepping out to our next destination, we were able to get a group shot with Toy Story’s lovable characters, Jessie and Woody. ๐Ÿ™‚

toy story gang

Embark on a wonderful journey as you meet and greet Disney’s charming characters and beautiful princesses.

Abs’ favorite ride of all time is the carousel. Of course, we wouldn’t pass the chance to try it here. I am amused that there are more adults in this ride compared to kids.


When we went in, we felt relieved because there’s no queue. Of all the rides that we have tried, this is the only one that we haven’t wasted time waiting in line. We hurriedly hopped into the boat that we’ll take us into the imaginative Small World of Disneyland.

small world

It’s incredible how they were able to squeeze in different countries and culture in one setting. I suddenly felt patriotic when I saw the Bahay Kubo and a tarsier on my left side. You know that feeling when you see something pinoy when you’re out of the country? That’s how I felt.

small world

More bizarre, colorful figures were moving in a synchronized motion that was really a feast in one’s eyes. Everything was carefully organized in such a way that the audience won’t get bored. Even my mom kept on pointing out every scenes she saw. Yes, even adults can appreciate this ride. And the music, yes the music is truly unforgettable.

small world


After the whimsical voyage, we explored other attractions in Fantasy Land. Most of our time here were spent waiting to have a photo with the beloved Disney characters. From Mickey to Minnie, Pluto to Pooh and even one of the beautiful princesses of Disney, Belle.



mickey mouse

Fast forward to the future, Tomorrowland’sย  modernistic theme , will surely enthrall outer space fans.


We momentarily left the earth, got into the driver’s seat and hold on the steering wheel as we experience the ride of our lives in Autopia. A rare chance to go driving in the futuristic road without having a license.



We then look for a resto to eat dinner. We chose Comet Cafe since it’s the nearest to the area and we can’t afford to walk further. We went in and got a taste of their lemon-flavored mickey mouse rice :).


Before leaving, we grabbed our camera and took some souvenir shots in the area.



To cap off a perfect evening, we watched the most awaited fireworks display erupting amazingly in the sleeping beauty castle.ย  We can only stareย  in bewilderment, eyes wide open and mouth agape. I felt nostalgic when the familiar Disney movies’ theme songs started playing as background music. It felt so magical and surreal. Like you are trapped in a different world. Everything was incredibly romantic and breathtakingly impressive.

fireworks display

Hong kong Disneyland naturally brings back childhood memories. For adults like me, though kid at heart, I felt like a child once again. I can’t help but reminisced those days when money and career doesn’t matter.

Oh well, so much for the drama.

With all the fun and fantasy it brings for everyone who visits,ย it is indeed the happiest place on earth. ๐Ÿ™‚

Note: This trip was held last February 2012.


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