Resto Review: S.R. Thai Cuisine

Have a feast on home-cooked Thai food without stepping out of the country.

sr thai cuisine

When I was still in college, I always passed by this resto since it was near my dormitory. I have tried every carinderia and restaurants in our street and the streets nearby. But these one, I never attempted to check out. Maybe that time, I only have a penchant for Filipino food.

So, like a ghost that haunts, I came back again into this place to appease whatever desire I once have.

s.r. thai cuisine

Thai cuisine are known for their very tasty dishes. So, together with Joy, we tried their house specialties and here’s the verdict:

Pad Thai (Php 105)
pad thai

My best-loved Thai dish. Pad Thai is a stir-fried rice noodle mixed with egg, bean sprouts, chopped peanuts and shrimps. The combined sweetness of sugar and tangy flavor of calamansi gives this dish a four-star rating. The price is very reasonable and they have a huge serving, too.

Crabmeat Omelette (Php 75)
Crabmeat omelette

My love for seafood is like the glee of a child when he sees an ice cream vendor. It simply makes me euphoric. So, when my eyes caught crabmeat in the menu, it was the first dish that I ordered. I can say that I have high expectations with this one because I am really looking forward to gobble a bite. Some parts are toasted and a little bit oily. The egg is overwhelming but still, I enjoyed eating it with banana ketchup.

Crabmeat Fried Rice (Php 75)
Crabmeat fried rice

When I went to Thailand last year, I developed a deep appreciation on fried rice, especially crabmeat. So, when I looked at the menu, I knew I have to taste it. I was surprised that this modest resto can serve a good-tasting rice. But, I was also shocked that I can barely taste the crab meat in it. Yes, it is delicious, but too expensive for the flavor.

S.R. Sizzling Chicken (Php 105)
s.r. sizzling chicken

This dish is made up of chicken, marinated in soy sauce and spices, and cooked in sizzling plate. It was then topped with sesame seeds and garnished with beans and tomatoes. The meat is tender, though a little bit dry. It is kind of comparable to a fried liempo.

Thai Iced Coffee (Php 45)
thai iced coffee

When I asked the waitress what makes it different to an ordinary iced coffee, she doesn’t have an answer. When it was served, I took a sip and was instantly refreshed. It looks ordinary, usual coffee but it has this exotic taste that even myself wasn’t able to know. Guess I just have to search it in google. I am more of a tea drinker, but I am more than certain that I’ll try this drink again.

This resto, though very plain to look at, has been featured in different broadsheets in the past. Proof that their home-cooked Thai dishes have satisfied a lot of cravings and pleased every hungry palate.

s.r. thai cuisine

I may not recommend this resto for those people who values ambiance and comfort more than the food itself but for those foodie who want to try something new, an order or two at this resto won’t hurt. 🙂

S.R. Thai Cuisine is located at V. Concepcion St., Sampaloc, Manila. (Note: facade photo from google)


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