A Taste of Singapore: Universal Studios

The eleventh day of Christmas is my birthday. And I have decided to celebrate it in one of the most notable theme parks in Asia. I’m just too ecstatic on how this day will turn out.

universal studios

We started the day by saying our prayers and for thanking God for another year of my life. I chose St. Teresa church located in Kampong Bahru road since it is the closest in our vicinity. The church is like in its purest form. The walls are painted white which perfectly blends in its Romanesque-renaissance architecture.

st. theresa church

The church is rather small but very classy. It comprises 2 columns of pews with LCDs hanging on each side. And by LCDs, I meant there’s plenty of them. While waiting for the priest, I glanced back and studied carefully the people inside the church. I felt nostalgic when I saw my kababayans knelt as they bowed down and pray. Full of hope that maybe next year they can celebrate Christmas with their families in the Philippines.

So that goes for my own petition. I always believe that you can make a wish if it’s your first time to visit a certain church. So I did. ๐Ÿ™‚ Birthday wish excluded. ๐Ÿ˜‰

st. theresa church

After taking a call from the man I love most, my dad, we headed to the bus station to ride a bus going to Vivo City which will eventually take us to Universal Studios (USS). We are getting used to the transportation, many thanks to Kuya Isaac for teaching us on our first day here, otherwise, we’ll be acting like lost kittens.

bus stop

bus stop

bus route

bus route

Upon arriving at Vivo City, we were welcomed by a colorful parade of life-sized fiberglass elephants.

fiberglass elephant

fiberglass elephant

We found out that there’s an ongoing art exhibition to create global awareness in protecting these mammals from extinction. We wouldn’t pass the chance to take photos with these artistically-made displays before making our way to the third level to ride the Sentosa express.

vivo city
fiber glass elephant

Abs and I got really frenzied when we reached the entrance of Universal Studios. Photo here and there and some more and then politely ask a fellow Filipina if she can take of photo of me and my sister together.


So what am I waiting for? I reached for our tickets and made our way to the entrance (thank God, no queue!). The weather became a little bit crummy but not enough reason to cease us. Not even close.




and so is Abs!

and so is Abs!

Time for photo-ops! I saw Winnie woodpecker first, but there’s a queue so we waited for our turn. While waiting, it came to me that maybe they are giving some perks or freebies for birthday celebrants so after our meet and greet with Winnie, we went straight ahead to the information office to inquire.

winnie woodpecker

And my guess couldn’t even be more right. After confirming the date in my passport, I was given a USS pin, a birthday pin which i wore the entire day (come on, it’s my birthday!haha!), popcorn (hihi!), discount coupons in selected restaurants and discounts to some souvenir shops in the park. Not bad.

information center

We skipped out and a bunch of mascots dressed up in their best Christmas costumes we’re standing right before my very eyes. There’s Po, the famed dragon warrior, hugged by gentle giant, Frankie, and got a solo shot with the official mascot of USS, Woody woodpecker! ๐Ÿ™‚

po the dragon warrior


official mascot Woody Woodpecker!

The park wouldn’t be complete without the impersonators so we made our way to them and waited patiently until it’s our turn. The much love cartoon darling, Betty Boop was first in our list. Then the hunky Brendan Fraser look-alike as Rick O’ Connell of the movie The Mummy. Did I say the sex icon, Marilyn Monroe was also present? Funny man Charlie Chaplain was also there to entertain the crowd.


marilyn monroe

charlie chaplin

We’re already done with the meet and greet part of our trip and it’s time to flex those muscles. Get ready because were trying those famous roller coaster rides! The human and cyclon of Battlestar Galactica! I was really a scaredy-cat when it comes to those kind of those things. Abs just won’t stop convincing me, so I gave up. And it doesn’t fail. These rides are really a must-try for those who seeks excitement.ย  If you want it hardcore, you can try the Revenge of the Mummy, an indoor roller coaster that will plunge you into total darkness. I was really shaking after trying this ride.

Battlestar Galactica

The Revenge of the Mummy

Transformers has become my favorite ride of all time. The ride was a blockbuster hit after it was launched and you can really see it through the queue.


We waited for 2 hours because of some technical glitches but it has never came to our minds to back out. I highly recommend this ride for kids, couples, and yes, even for parents.


Our stomachs were growling, so we made our way to Mel’s drive in, a 1950’s-inspired diner that serves American favorites like burgers, fries and delicious milkshakes.

mels drive in

mel's drive in

We made use of the time left. Stroll here, try another ride, then went for souvenir shopping and then stroll some more.


now, who wouldn't want this pillow?

now, who wouldn’t want this pillow?

christmas carolers

It is advisable that when you plan to visit the park, allot 1 day. There’s so much things to do and try.

lights camera action

As if the night couldn’t have been more than perfect. There’s snowflakes falling from the park’s covered dome. Carolers dressed like Mrs. Santa Claus singing Christmas carols. And Christmas lights are starting to flicker one by one. Ironically, you can feel the magic of Christmas even when you’re not at home.

christmas in singapore

The day will soon be over. But still, I cannot contain my delight. We ended the day by having dinner in a local restaurant in Chinatown.

universal studios at night

Though I only have Abs with me, it’s not so bad after all and it turned out as one of the best birthdays I have.

Note: This Singapore trip was held last December 2011.


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