A Taste of Singapore: Sentosa, Underwater World and Singapore Flyer

From hawker centers to friendly locals, the Lion City proves that they are more than just a posh country.

merlionThere’s always a first time, as they say.

With enough courage and money, I booked a round trip ticket to my chosen country two weeks before the flight and boy, was it so expensive! Back then, i shrugged it off since my thirst to see the world is way too high to quench.

Armed with my little sister, Abs, we explored Singapore’s wide-ranging attractions in 72 hours. The first world city boasts their efficient transportation and squeaky clean atmosphere.

singapore changi airport
majestic temple
mosque street

No time wasted. After checking in and filling our stomachs with overpriced but delicious dumplings (at 1SG$ each, can you imagine?) and milk teas in Chinatown, we hit off the road and move to our first stop, Asia’s favorite playground, Sentosa.


There are several ways on how to get to Sentosa: by car, train, taxi, bus and cable car. Being adventurous at heart, we chose the latter. Though it is more pricey, it is also the best mode of transport and it will take you directly to Imbiah lookout, the attractions hub of Sentosa.

harbour front

cable car with abs on it

As soon as we set our feet to the ground, nothing can stop us. As a starter, we tried Luge. Luge, is a part go-cart, part-toboggan ride suitable for all ages. We paid 8SG$ (without the skyride) and picked the 628 meter Jungle trail. Helmets on and we’re ready to go! I raced down the curvy track in the middle of a man-made forest. It started to drizzle, but I was too excited to care. After the 3-5 minutes ride, it was totally F-U-N! You don’t have to be a kid to appreciate it, seriously.

i heart luge

The thrill haven’t subsided yet, but we’re fast-moving to our next destinations: Underwater World and Songs of the Sea.

underwater world

I always dream to be a marine biologist (okay, I know it’s too far from my job today). No kidding, there’ something about the marine life that really draws me in so when I went to SG, underwater world should be part of the itinerary. The aquarium, according to the official site, contains around 2500 marine animals of 250 marine species.

underwater world

We started our journey to the marine world by trying the touch pool. By the word itself you can already guess what they are trying to say. Not only you can take photos, but you can actually touch them for real!


I was a little bit hesitant because the fish might bite me. But, in the end, the adventurous side part of me won. Abs was the first to try and then my turn and oh my goodness! It was soooo soft and smooth and what’s the best part? The fish is not moving! haha! As if it’s not alive. Too bad I haven’t got the name of that fat gray fish. I also tried my luck in touching the blue-spotted rays. This is more challenging because rays are famed for their poisonous sting, but these lovable species are totally harmless. Awesome.

blue-spotted sting rays

We then proceed to the bigger pool which contains bigger rays, and when I say big, I meant hundred times bigger to the one I just touched seconds ago. Pretty scary. Not in the mood for more touching now. We continue to stroll down and marvel to the various sea creatures staring back at us: octopus, golden trevally, arapaimas, sharks, turtles, catfishes, spider crabs, fishes in different sizes, and colorful jellyfishes! Plenty of them. For a moment, i felt like a mermaid.

reach out and feed the rays
baby shark
jelly fishes

Suddenly, we found ourselves in a submerged thick windowed tunnel with a long travelator from which visitors can look at an array of marine life that includes sharks, more stingrays, fishes, corals, among others. It’s like we’re transported to a different world back then.

sting ray
spider crab
underground tunnel

Upon reaching the end of the tunnel, we came across with this dolphin lagoon and what makes it different from the others is because the dolphin is pink. You read it right. They are what you called the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins. The color makes it more appealing, for some, i guess. We managed to take photos and didn’t bother to watch the entire show. After all, we have to be on time to watch the famed Songs of the Sea, a show located in Siloso beach, still on Sentosa Island with dramatic effects and pyrotechnics.


The show starts as soon as we picked up the best seats. The story revolves on a group of friends, headed by Li and their quest to rescue a sleeping Princess Ami.

songs of the sea

The show magnificently narrates on how the kids embark on a journey alongside spectacular flame bursts, laser and fountain display all of which was accompanied by a song and sound effects.

songs of the sea

songs of the sea

songs of the sea

We were in awe during the entire show. It really is spectacular. They end it with a bang and by that, I meant fireworks! You can hear applause in every corner of the crowd. When you visit Sentosa, find time to visit these attractions.

songs of the sea

We cap off the night by riding in the world’s largest wheel, the Singapore flyer. We have our photo-ops in their journey of dreams, a multimedia showcase about Singapore flyer, before stepping into the air-conditioned capsules.

journey of dreams

It can accommodate 28 passengers per capsule. Good thing we arrived minutes before the ride closes, so there’s only few of us inside. We’re granted huge space to roam around, sit in the benches or to choose what angle is best for that Facebook worthy shot. Since it’s Christmas season, everything was in theme. Snowflakes by the windows and yes, even the music coincides with it. Care for Frosty the snowman?

christmas-themed capsules

As we go higher and higher, I can no longer see the trees or even the buildings nearby. Slowly, we reached the top, and, mouth agape, i was amazed by the glittering light that shines beyond.

singapore at night

singapore at night

The beauty of Singapore that protrudes under the midnight sky was too beautiful for words. And just like kids, my sister and I we’re too excited pointing everything that is familiar. There’s the marina bay sands, the merlion, the esplanade, art science museum and the road that we just recently walked through. We remember to grabbed the camera and take our photo. Everyone was busy taking their own pictures so we did it ourselves.

me and abs and the panoramic view behind us

The battery went dead, giving us a sign that we had enough photos for the day. So, I took my sister’s hand and side by side, we sat on the corner spot of the capsule and watched silently the panoramic view. No words. Just smile in our faces. We were so caught up by our emotions that we didn’t notice that we’re about to descend. Why do good things come to an end?

singapore flyer

After that romantic sightseeing, we convinced ourselves that we need to get going because the trains will be closing soon if we didn’t hurry. We were lucky enough that we’re the last people to ride the MRT.


It’s almost midnight and we’re so dead tired, and our feet we’re aching. I can’t even remember how we managed to go back in our hotel when all the energy have already left our bodies. But, no matter how drained I am, it had been a great day for me and Abs and I really can’t wait for tomorrow because tomorrow would be my day. It’s my birthday. ❤️

Note: This Singapore trip was held last December 2011.


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