Resto Review: The Chocolate Kiss Cafe

More than offering lovely cakes, this cozy restaurant has been a good spot for breakfast too.

chocolate kiss

The Academic Oval in UP Diliman has been a common ground for running, biking and even walking aficionados of all ages. It covers the distance of 2.2 kilometers and has been lined up with lush of acacia trees as old as the university itself. Perfect for families who are taking a leisurely stroll or for those health conscious devotees who were taking morning and afternoon runs.

Just like me. And my sisters.

up sunken garden

After a good ritual run, we soon found ourselves hungry, good thing, we were able to catch a taho vendor beside the sunken garden. Taho is sure an excellent way of keeping your tummy warm. And of course, to get those energy-giving glucose after the tiring exercise. For those unfamiliar, Taho is a popular street food in the Philippines, that is made up of silken tofu with sweetener (arnibal in Tagalog) and sago pearls.


So, after gulping a mouthful of the hot taho and attending mass in the church nearby, Abs suggested a resto that she has tried weeks ago. So we walked our way to the well-known cafe for UP students, The Chocolate Kiss Cafe in UP Bahay ng Alumni in Quezon City.

chocolate kiss cafe

The place was packed with some jogging enthusiasts, middle-aged couples and some group of friends hanging out. It was 9 in the morning and breakfast menu was the only set that they can offer. Not a problem with us because it’s the meal that we are highly anticipating. They have a limited set of menu but the choices were nonetheless fine.

Here’s what we tried:

Blueberry pancakes (Php 155)
Three pieces buttermilk pancakes with blueberry preserves. Served with butter and syrup.

blueberry pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes for breakfast? Instead of the usual fried batter drizzled with butter and honey, blueberry preserves has made this pancakes even better. It was so good, you would want to order a second round.

Vigan Longanisa (Php 185)
Filipino breakfast served with garlic rice, tomatoes, and fried or salted egg. 

Vigan Longanisa

Admit it. We, Filipinos can’t survive a day without eating rice. It seems like our breakfast wouldn’t be complete and our stomachs wouldn’t be full if we haven’t got the taste of this beloved staple food. So, we ordered one dish with rice on it. We tried their Vigan Longanisa, the well-known sausage from the North. Aside from the tomatoes which is a perfect pair with this cured pork, the flavorful garlic rice gives this dish a thumbs-up. You would care for an extra rice I bet. Though for me,  this meal is a bit too pricey.

Spanish Omelet (Php 180)
Two-egg omelet with ham, black olives, tomato, onion and green pepper. Served with toasted home-baked ciabatta bread.

spanish omelet

Sounds elite? The name may sound intimidating but a bite  is surely comforting. The ciabatta bread, which as they claimed, home-baked,  was perfectly toasted, soft but crusty outside. The black olives notably gives this dish a kick, and the omelet has been cooked with the right amount of seasoning.

To go with those hearty dishes, we quenched our thirst by drinking  Twinings Infusions Iced Tea (Php 75) and fresh  Banana Shake (Php 95).

Apart form the name that is intriguing, we would want to give a shot to their best-selling dessert, we bought a slice of Devil’s Food Cake (Slice: Php 80) for take-out too. It is a deep rich chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling and marshmallow frosting. It is so luscious and the frosting has an average sweetness.

chocolate kiss cafe

I love the relaxed vibe that this resto brings. It is undoubtedly simple, nothing fancy, but the menu is enough to make you come back.  I recommend this place for those people who wants to try good food in a homey environment. Needless to say, I’ll go back here, after all, I am looking forward to try their house specialties. 🙂

chocolate kiss

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe is located in UP Diliman, Bahay ng Alumni, Quezon City.


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