Resto Review: Salu-Salo A Filipino Feast

Traditional Filipino Cuisine comes in an elegant and modern set-up.

salu-salo restaurant

The day of everyone’s hero had come. And I’m not talking about the martyrs who died for the country. No, it’s not National Heroes Day. I’m referring to every little girl’s first love and every young boy’s champ.

It’s Father’s day.

Just like other families, we have celebrated this occasion by having lunch in one of the restos nearby. Since majority of us wants to go pinoy that day, we tried Salu-Salo restaurant in UP town center.

salu-salo menu

Salu-Salo offers Filipino cuisine from classic appetizers to mouth-watering desserts. We browsed the menu, and found out that they sure have a lot of choices.

melon orange juice

Here are some of the dishes that we have tried:

Bistek Bangus Belly (Php 220)

bistek bangus belly

I’m not really a fan of fish, but their bistek bangus belly is really tasty. So tasty that my mom had already put it in the list of next week’s menu.The sauce has the right amount of saltiness which compliments the fish. There is no hint of stench which is usually a problem when cooking seafoods. We made an excellent choice and just like that, I became a fan.

Serving is good for 2 persons.

Inihaw na Liempo (Php 220)


I’m not in the mood for liempo that day, but because I have this habit of tasting every dish that we order, I grabbed a bite. It was okay. Typical liempo. Nothing special. The achara makes up for it though.

Serving is good for 2 persons.

Tofu Sisig (Php 100)

tofu sisig

I love tofu. It’s healthy and I like the feeling when it melts in my mouth. Tofu sisig is just like any other version of sisig which is a little bit healthier because of course, it is made up of soy. I just wish they had toasted it more but I understand for a fact that it is their own version. I still like it, anyway.

Serves 2-3 persons.

Kare-Kare Buntot ng Baka (Php 320)


I’m a huge fan of this Filipino dish. Like, I can it eat everyday. That kind of level. So, I really know what’s a good kare-kare from not. Well, that’s according to my palate. Of all the food that we order, I think this is the best according to my judgment. Vegetables and the ox tail were cooked according to the way they should be cooked. And the rich sauce which I can tell, not really made of peanut butter is surprisingly pleasant.

Serves 3-4 persons

We ordered their pinoy version of Yang Chow Rice (Php 245) to go with those dishes above.

pinoy yang chow

Interiors are like those in Lugang Cafe. Crystal chandeliers hanging in the ceiling and fancy mirrors as their walls. There are also assorted chinese figurines that silently sits on the shelves. I like that it is very modern but they still manage to infuse a Filipino touch. In a world that ambiance is a great factor when eating out,  Salu- salo has put an effort to give its customers a great dining experience.

salu-salo restaurant

salu-salo restaurant

Overall, it’s a good place to check out. They have great service and all are needs were attended. This resto is for those people who wants to try local cuisine in a western setting.

salu-salo restaurant

Salu-Salo restaurant is located at Ground Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City


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