Savor Hong Kong: Disneyland

Step into a whole new world and feel the magic in the happiest place on earth.

sleeping beauty castle

After visiting The Peak and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in the morning, we hit the road to the MTR Disneyland Resort line and embarked again to the Disney Monorail that we’ll take us to the famed Disneyland Resort.
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Resto Review: S.R. Thai Cuisine

Have a feast on home-cooked Thai food without stepping out of the country.

sr thai cuisine

When I was still in college, I always passed by this resto since it was near my dormitory. I have tried every carinderia and restaurants in our street and the streets nearby. But these one, I never attempted to check out. Maybe that time, I only have a penchant for Filipino food.

So, like a ghost that haunts, I came back again into this place to appease whatever desire I once have.
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Savor Hong Kong: Ocean Park

Experience mind-blowing rides, find nemo, and take a souvenir shot with the adorable giant pandas in HK’s favorite theme park.

ocean park

Since our Singapore trip , we’re planning to take a vacation again, but this time, with the whole family.

I might as well say that our dearest bunso, Joy, is turning 18 so she has decided that she wanted to celebrate it in a different way rather than throwing a traditional party for debutantes. But, due to a lot of unforeseen circumstances, my dad, Ish and her family wasn’t able to join us.

Bottom line, an all-girls trip was set. With my mom and two sisters, we weaved the busiest city in the world, Hongkong!

Ni Hao!
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Pangasinan in Bloom

A hidden gem in the north. Beaches, history and juicy watermelons, Pangasinan has it all.

tondol beach in anda

I was born here, was raised and then moved to Rizal when I was 3. My parents are both from here, even my grandparents. Did I need to say that I’m proud to be a full-blooded Ilocana? I am not going to be biased, but this budding province in the North, has a lot to offer.

So, why visit?
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A Taste of Singapore: Merlion, Orchard Road and Chinatown

The glitz, the glamor and some historical landmarks that this city is known for.

orchard road

I don’t want to go home. Not yet. Three days weren’t enough. Reality bites, in a matter of hours, we’ll be boarding the plane and we’ll be sleeping in our own beds. So, we dragged our feet and move as quick as we can, to cherish the remaining time that we have.
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A Taste of Singapore: Universal Studios

The eleventh day of Christmas is my birthday. And I have decided to celebrate it in one of the most notable theme parks in Asia. I’m just too ecstatic on how this day will turn out.

universal studios

We started the day by saying our prayers and for thanking God for another year of my life. I chose St. Teresa church located in Kampong Bahru road since it is the closest in our vicinity. The church is like in its purest form. The walls are painted white which perfectly blends in its Romanesque-renaissance architecture.
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A Taste of Singapore: Sentosa, Underwater World and Singapore Flyer

From hawker centers to friendly locals, the Lion City proves that they are more than just a posh country.

merlionThere’s always a first time, as they say.

With enough courage and money, I booked a round trip ticket to my chosen country two weeks before the flight and boy, was it so expensive! Back then, i shrugged it off since my thirst to see the world is way too high to quench.

Armed with my little sister, Abs, we explored Singapore’s wide-ranging attractions in 72 hours. The first world city boasts their efficient transportation and squeaky clean atmosphere.
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Resto Review: The Chocolate Kiss Cafe

More than offering lovely cakes, this cozy restaurant has been a good spot for breakfast too.

chocolate kiss

The Academic Oval in UP Diliman has been a common ground for running, biking and even walking aficionados of all ages. It covers the distance of 2.2 kilometers and has been lined up with lush of acacia trees as old as the university itself. Perfect for families who are taking a leisurely stroll or for those health conscious devotees who were taking morning and afternoon runs.

Just like me. And my sisters.
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On pixie and a thing called bravery

Either do it or you can’t. It takes a huge amount of courage to finally chase a dream.

Getting a pixie cut has been a longtime fantasy. Especially for me who have curly hair ever since I was a kid. Long, wavy, black curls that I usually tie in a bun when it’s hot but most of the time, just because it’s unmanageable. I grew up liking it anyway. But soon, I get curious of getting a rebond and cutting it really, really short.

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Resto Review: Salu-Salo A Filipino Feast

Traditional Filipino Cuisine comes in an elegant and modern set-up.

salu-salo restaurant

The day of everyone’s hero had come. And I’m not talking about the martyrs who died for the country. No, it’s not National Heroes Day. I’m referring to every little girl’s first love and every young boy’s champ.

It’s Father’s day.
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