Broken Ones.

broken ones

That hurt. Stabbing every bit of your core. Cuts you open and then left you bleeding. Every cell of your body keeps on screaming emotional pain. And that bleak of sadness that is seeping through your heart.
And again.
And again.

A thousand tears have been shed, and as much as you want to forget that single sad memory, it is still there. It is like a disease that you want to recover from. You want to escape but there’s nowhere to hide and you keep on praying to the Gods for mercy.

Heartaches are present in our lives to makes us stronger, braver, wiser. And as hard as it is to accept the truth, we must go on with our lives.


Cry for as long as you can but don’t let these sufferings get the best of you. Love yourself harder. Like no one has ever did. Keep your head high and your heart open. Embrace the darkness as well as the light that comes after it.

You’ll heal sooner than you can imagine. Yes, it will leave scars. Scars that has been the aftermath of your battle to the ends of the earth. But it will be a relic that will remind you of your courage on how you fought back and how you managed not to give up.

For every pain, there’s comfort.
For every struggle, there’s happiness.
For every despair, there’s hope.
and for every love lost, there’s a new love found.

So maybe, in God’s time, everything as they say, will be alright. Dark clouds will fade, sunshine will come and pot of gold will eventually show up.

So here’s to letting go, taking chances and keeping faith. It may not be easy but it will always be worth it. There’s a beautiful world waiting out there, savor it.

Stand up, child.

Don’t you worry, tomorrow is going to be a lot better.


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