Life in Letters.


It still felt surreal. This. Writing my first post. But yes, I found myself typing every single letter in the keyboard and every idea just keep on popping in my head. The feeling is inexplicable. Having this personal blog is like having my own child.

I always wanted to write. But never found the courage to do it. I want to write stories about finding love, a woman’s pain, heartaches and scars, those wonderful places I laid my eyes upon, living up your dreams and how life has been so good and just keeps getting better.

When you write, you create a story. Your story. On how you see things in your own perspective. It opens your soul and makes your spirit free. You inspire people by being true to yourself. Those experiences and adventures I made are very important to me and I want to relive those memories when I grow older. I am deeply hoping too that my future kids will read this someday and will awaken their inner wanderlust.

So this, this blog, is my own journal, a collection of stories, my stories, and the people whom I met in my journey and how they changed me, inspired me and fueled my passion in writing.

I followed my heart. I hope you’ll follow yours, too.

Live. Wander. Love.

Welcome to my world and hello, to you.


11 thoughts on “Life in Letters.

  1. Natasha says:

    I am teary-eyed. So happy for you, Karen. Just found out about your blog. And I caught myself reading more. Continue to write and inspire others through your stories. I love and miss you. I will see see you soon. 🙂


  2. chorus_aquae says:

    I just started my own blog! Your photos are beautiful. Thank you for following your passion in writing. Your voice is definitely one that needs to be heard. This post has definitely inspired me.


    • karen humilde says:

      Hello there! 🙂 That was so nice of you. 🙂 I just started months ago and it’s really addicting, maybe because I always wanted to do this. I’ll be looking forward to your posts as well and I’m more than sure that you’ll go far. Keep that passion burning. 🙂


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